Don't Steal This Agency's Parking Spots, Unless You Want a Good Caning

Partners + Napier warns trespassers

Partners + Napier in Atlanta recently gave its copywriters license to spice up the signs next to its parking spots, warning people not to use them unless they have business with the agency. The signs humorously presume all sorts of excuses and shenanigans on the part of the offenders—they're cheap, they're lousy drunks, they're shopaholics, they're greedy fools who couldn't resist the "aroma of deliciousness" coming from a nearby eatery. One sign even pegs them as lazy jerks who would race handicapped people to the closest spot to the building. "Have you no soul?" it asks. "If you are willing to park here, what else are you capable of? … Now that your car's been towed and you can't get around, you're handicapped. And like a cane upside the head, you're gonna get hit with a fine. This one's for all the grandmas out there." Good to know your agency's up for a little caning when the situation calls for it. They also wrote some fake parking tickets. See those, and more signs, below. Via Ads of the World and Business Insider.