Don't Co-Sleep With Your Baby, Particularly If He Has a Knife

Milwaukee ads cause a stir

Look, a baby sleeping with a butcher knife. Awww, how cute! Milwaukee's public-health unit and local agency Serve Marketing produced these controversial ads to warn parents about the dangers of co-sleeping with their infants. Wags might suggest it's not that dangerous, then, since most babies don't know how to use knives. Frankly, if the spitty, squealing brat hasn't had its baba yet, I'm not willing to take that chance. Joking, of course. It's a serious issue, and emotions run high on both sides of the debate. Does co-sleeping help thwart Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or is the risk of parents rolling over and suffocating babies too great? The campaign's shock value might be just the thing to cleave through the clutter and spur folks to thoroughly research the pros and cons before making a decision. Full ads after the jump.