Don’t be a flop like these NBA rookies

Hoops_1Few characters in the sporting world are as comically sad as the promising NBA player who turns out to be a complete bust. Just ask the Knicks. Sony devotes a new Web site, Don’t Be the Next, to three such players—Billy Joe Cuthbert, Jason “Sweet Money” McDaniels and Sergei Vogavich—to promote its newest PlayStation 2 title, NBA ’06. The players are actually fake, but the bios, humorous videos and Cuthbert’s yellow headband are painfully recognizable. NBA ’06 has a game mode called “The Life” that puts you in the shoes of an NBA rookie. “Make the right moves and you’ll be working your way to the top of the league,” says the promo copy. “Don’t, and you’ll be working the nine-to-five in some dead-end job like Billy Joe Cuthbert, Jason ‘Sweet Money’ McDaniels or Sergei Vogavich.”

—Posted by Tim Nudd