Domino’s Apologizes for Years of Totally Overcharging You for Pizza on the Weekend

It's time to get a little something back

Domino's wants consumers to know it feels guilty about charging more for pizzas on the weekend, and it's trying hard to make things right. 

For years, the fast-food chain has offered bargain pricing on Monday-to-Thursday carryout, charging $7.99 for a large three-topping pie. Now it's extending that deal to seven days a week, and launching an apology campaign from longtime agency CP+B, offering compensation to customers who've overpaid in the past. 

Anyone who feels shortchanged can enter to win prizes like free pizza for a year (more accurately, five $100 gift cards, which is probably as much Domino's as anyone should eat in a year anyway).

Potential loot also includes more dubious paybacks, like a gift pack themed around the brand's old mascot, the Noid. (According to the TV spot, one guy got to spend a day with the red, antennaed pizza saboteur.) The luckiest among you can walk away with a giant neon Domino's sign for your living room, thus perfecting the atmosphere of strip mall chic you've always wanted.

Titled "Pizza Payback," the campaign marks a fun little promotion, building on the brand's recent history of presenting itself as honest—even when the truth about its own product might be brutal. Whether $7.99 is still too much to pay for a Domino's pie is a matter of taste, though if the company's U.K. operation is to be taken at its word, they're good enough to rob you of your ability to speak.

Regardless, anyone who avails themselves of the takeout deal will miss a chance to see Domino's new oven-on-wheels—though depending on your sense of visual sanctity, that might be a relief.