Dogs Sing for a Cure in Canadian Campaign Against Animal Cancer

Helped by one magnanimous cat

Dogs "sing" a "We Are the World"-esque power ballad in this ad for Pet Trust, a Canadian organization that's trying to end animal cancer as we know it. Thankfully, they're not joined by Sarah McLachlan at any point. I like that the sound engineer is a cat, because in real life cats are jerks who would totally screw up the vocal mix on purpose just to prove a point. It would probably pee on the microphone covers, too. Print work and credits below.

Agency: Red Urban.


Campaign Title: "Keep Cancer on a Leash"

Music Video Title: "We Could Be Heroes"

Client: Nestle Purina / Pet Trust

Vice President, Product and Strategy Communications: Mary Siemiesz

Managing Director, Pet Trust: Karen Scott

Agency: Red Urban

Creative Director: Christina Yu

Art Director: Patrick Shing

Writer: Matt Syberg-Olsen

Integrated Producer: Terri Vegso

Strategy and Development Director: Keith Barry

Creative Resources Manager: Mary-Claire Barlow

Production Company: Untitled Films

Director: Curtis Wehrfritz

Producer: Michael Smith

Executive Producer: Lexy Kavluk

Production Designer: Matt Hopkins

Dlirector of Photography: Kris Belchevski

Postproduction: Rooster Post

Editor: Christina Humphries

Assistant Editors: Adam Cunliffe, Jawin Laverde

Producer: Yumi Suyama

Executive Producer: Melissa Kahn

Transfer: Alter Ego

Colorist: Eric Whipp

Online: Fort York

Flame Artist: Ernie Mordak

Assistant Flame Artist: Jason Pereira

Audio: Pirate, Toronto

Director: Chris Tait