Dogs really love any ad that smells like food

Dogs don't need focus groups or ad meters. They pretty much endorse any advertising that smells like food. U.K. pet-food maker Wagg Foods is taking advantage of this by rolling out dog-food-scented ads on sidewalks to lure pooches (and their owners) over for a sniff. According to the Sun story, scientists combined 15 mystery fragrances to create the dog-food smell, which apparently "drives dogs wild." (It probably frustrates them, too.) This isn't the first such effort. Leo Burnett did something similar in Germany in 2005 (though they stuffed real food behind the board rather than using a chemical scent). Even better was a U.K. campaign for Animal Planet in 2001, which featured ads that smelled like dog urine, the one thing that drives dogs wilder than food. Those ads were placed at the base of lampposts, with companion ads at human-eye height urging owners to nominate their pets for Animal Planet awards.

—Posted by Tim Nudd