Dogs Can’t Get Enough of Their Subarus in Brand’s Latest Ads

Grant Weber's direct-to-canine sales

Subaru of America is launching a new installment of its "Dog tested. Dog approved" campaign via Carmichael Lynch, so let's get one thing out of the way straight off. Awww, they're so cuuuuute! Pooch-powered commercials introduce Grant Weber, a dealer who sells cars to dogs. At one point, he promises a great deal and slides a calculator displaying the numbers across his desk to a canine customer. We hear a contemptuous growl, and a furry paw slides the calculator back. He he—good doggie! Another spot shows a hatchback crammed full of deli meats and sausages—hey, just like the trunk of my car! There's also a Facebook app with an "Ask a Dog" chat function. Lars, Gypsy and Sasha bat their paws across keyboards to answer your questions! (It's kind of like Chatroulette, but with better-looking participants.) Most of the doggie replies to my car-centric queries focused on going for walks, chewing on or digging up stuff and chasing tennis balls. One example: "Walk leash, walkleash walk?" Also: "Handsniff, hand? Sniff hand?" And my personal favorite: "Chomp squirrel, chomp." I've had conversations with human car dealers who weren't half as articulate.

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