Dog Sledder, Life Saver, Surgery Fixer: Dos Equis Keeps It Interesting

No wonder he's always thirsty

Considering that Dos Equis' "Most Interesting Man in the World" has become a meme with thousands of crowdsourced iterations, the bar is set pretty high for new official ads in the series. But this one seems up to the task.

In "Dogsled" from agency Havas Worldwide, His Interestingness valet parks a team of huskies, rescues man and fish alike from a blaze, second-guesses a surgeon and, uh, gives a young lady a pearl necklace.

It's probably one of the campaign's better spots in recent memory. And speaking of memory, there's another brief new ad after the jump about the Most Interesting Man's take on (of all things) memory foam mattresses.


Spots: "Dogsled" (:30), "Memory Foam Mattresses" (:15)

Agency: Havas Worldwide

Chief Creative Officers: Jason Peterson, Darren Moran

Executive Creative Director:  Jim Hord

Creative Directors: Paul Fix, Jamie Overkamp

Associate Creative Directors: Matthew Hock, David Fredette

Copywriters: Marty Bonacorso, Christian Beckett

Art Directors: Rick Cohen, Jon Vall

Global Chief Content Officer:  Vin Farrell

Co-Heads of Production: Dave Evans, Sylvain Tron

Executive Producer: Jill Meschino

Director of Broadcast Business Affairs: Cathy Pitegoff

Senior Broadcast Business Manager: Susan Schaefer

Talent Affairs Manager: Dawn Kerr

Talent Manager: Hilary Olesen

Managing Director: Kersten Mitton Rivas

Group Account Director:  Chris Budden

Account Director: Jamie Sundheim

Account Supervisor:  Sara Heller

Account Executive: Katie More

Production Company:

Director: Steve Miller

Director of Photography: Eric Schmidt

Executive Producer: Gregg Carlesimo

Producer: Barbara Benson

Editing Company: Arcade Edit

Editor: Jeff Ferruzzo

Assistant Editor: Dave Madden

Audio Engineer: Eric Thompson

Music Composer: Brett Fuchs

Executive Producer: Sila Soyer

Postproduction: Studio 6

Visual Effects Supervisor, Flame Artist: Johnny Starace

Executive Producers: Tricia Higgins, Rich Rama

Producer: Anna De Castro

Colorist: Company 3

Colorist: Tom Poole