Do we really need our cereal catered?

Cereality_2So, it’s not on the level of our iPod infatuation, but some of us here at AdFreak have been pretty obsessed with the high-concept café chain Cereality. But even we are puzzled at the fledgling compay’s latest development: catering. Last month, the company said is ready to provide its breakfast fare for events both near and far. “Cereality Catering provides a memorable and efficient solution that’s easy to order and manage whether you are down the street here in Chicago or planning a wedding in Miami,” says CEO David Roth (who’s only a “Lee” away from being übercool). Pardon us for sounding too much like avowed cerealphile Jerry Seinfeld, but what’s the purpose in that?! Why would you need to have something catered when it’s already in your house? And the corporate idea doesn’t sound much more appealing. Who wants to sit around a boardroom slurping cereal and wiping milk while talking about the next quarter’s goals? Maybe they’re just following the lead of Kellogg, which has inexplicably found some traction with an office worker eating cereal in its Raisin Bran Crunch spots.

—Posted by Aaron Baar