Do an Italian job

LamborghiniIt’s time for American car companies to copy Lamborghini’s brilliant marketing coup, which it achieved by giving the Italian police department a brand new Lamborghini Gallardo patrol car to chase speeders. Think of the power. This Italian beast can hit almost 100 miles per hour in seconds while cruising to a maximum speed of 190 miles per hour.

Our current crop of mostly Ford Crown Victorias just don’t measure up. Surely we can do better? Lamborghini admits that its motive in donating the car to the Italian police was commercial in part, since it hopes to drive a stake through the heart of long-time rival Ferrari, which recently opened up a store in downtown Rome.

A good American candidate — if we are sticking with race cars — would be the Ford GT with the V-8 engine. Ford could use a boost right now, but our highway patrol might have a hard time justifying a police cruiser with only two front seats. Where would the cops put the perps?

AdFreak thinks the Chrysler 300C with that Hemi engine is a better choice. No one would dare confuse a Chrysler with a Lamborghini. But here in America, the 300C is culturally appropriate for our congested highways. It combines rugged American style and durability with German ingenuity. It was those German engineers who came up with the idea of an eight-cylinder engine, which cuts down to four cylinders when the extra horsepower is not needed. Think of the fuel economy, an important concern in these times of high gas prices. (OK, so what if the Gallardo engine has 10 cylinders.)

The 300C will only set Chrysler back a mere $30 grand compared to the $165,000 Lamborghini gave up when it donated the Gallardo. Chrysler would be selling its image at an affordable price.

—Posted by Wendy Melillo