Dish's Bostonians Celebrate Tiny Beer, Recliners and the Death of the TV Spot

Latest ads for the Hopper

The Boston Guys return and local accents abound in Dish's cute campaign for its Hopper DVR with Sling, which lets users skip commercial blocks. That functionality has caused some controversy, and it's the focus of "In Memoriam," a commercial about a funeral for commercials. That ad's getting the most attention owing to its intentional meta-irony, but I prefer the other two new spots in the series, which play up the fact that Hopper lets users watch live TV and access their DVR from anywhere. In "Footrest," as members of a family enjoy their favorite shows on various wireless devices, everything in their house turns into a recliner, including a kitchen counter, a bed, a staircase and a toilet. "Tiny Beer," set on a sunny day in the park, finds the cast accessing their Hopper via a smartphone propped up like a wide-screen TV in a fancy dollhouse wall unit, complete with miniature bookshelves. They pound down thimble-sized brews kept cold in a mini-mini-mini fridge. All three ads are quirky, memorable and manage to entertain while touting specific product attributes. Most ad reviewers couldn't resist peppering their appraisals with representations of Boston-speak. Blame the chowdaheads at the New York agency that created the spots, Baaahton F. Graaahf 9000.