Disgusting ad icons, you’ve got company

Thought Mucinex’s Mr. Mucus wasn’t gross enough of a mascot? Oh, good. Then let us introduce you to Mr. Floatie. This charming gent, who bears more than a passing resemblance to Mr. Hanky (shown here), is Canadian—the product of the imagination of average guy James Skwarok, who showed up to a public meeting dressed as a piece of excrement, representing what he called POOP—People Opposed to Outfall Pollution. Skwarok is on a mission to stop to the dumping of raw sewage into the Pacific Ocean, but he was not allowed in the meeting. This rejection left him “a little bummed out,” he told reporters. He proceeded to pass out business cards on toilet paper. Now, while polluting the ocean is bad all around, perhaps Mr. Skwarok could concentrate on getting his message across in a more refined manner—at least one that would allow him to be admitted to a meeting. But I am sure South Park fans thought his plot was genius.

—Posted by Celeste Ward

Credit: Comedy Central