Discover the magic of … Old Country Buffet?

Land of and

There are two ways to view TracyLocke's first salvo for Old Country Buffet.
It could be seen, and was probably intended, as a hip-yet-goofy,
so-bad-it's-good, wink-wink, post-modern, faux-fantasy foray. But with that many hyphens, it's probably best to just call this one
misguided. The guy in the top hat  Willy Wonka's bastard brother? Failed
Batman villain?  does look like he's dressed for a buffet: at a wedding, or possibly a magician's funeral. The actors' "shocked" reactions when the magical land is
revealed as a chain restaurant are pretty amusing. Alas, the approach is too
awkward to be taken at face value, and too forced-wacky to be truly camp. Personally, I'll pass on "The Land of &" and stick with the Republic of Bacon.