Diet Dew Helps You Hunt Ducks with Dale Jr. and Rail-Grind a Horse

'The only diet with Dew in it'

One of my favorite ads from Super Bowl night actually ran before and after the game, when Diet Mountain Dew bought some slightly discounted time for its new spot, "Dale Call." We see a duck hunter pull out his trusty turbo-powered call, which sounds like a Nascar engine and summons Dale Earnhardt Jr., regardless of location or time of day.

I can't think of too many scenarios where that would be useful, which might be why it's a bat signal solely reserved for duck hunters. As someone who took great joy as a child in scaring ducks into flight, I feel pretty certain these fowl would have scattered and flown away instead of sticking around to get blasted, but who am I to question Dale's abilities behind the wheel?

Below, you can check out another of the campaign's spots, featuring a rail-grinding horse worthy of the X Games. David Kiefaber is a frequent contributor to Adweek's creativity blog, AdFreak.