Diet Coke's Taylor Swift Can Is Sleek and Skinny, and You Could Be Too

Limited-edition thinness

Hi, tween girls who may have body-image issues and also like listening to Taylor Swift. Diet Coke is launching a new, limited-edition "Sleek Can." It's thinner and more glamorous than those plain old cans, and naturally, it's covered all over in Taylor Swift's autograph. It also features a quote, in script, which reads, "If you're lucky enough to be different, don't ever change." Except it's Diet Coke, so the whole point is kind of to change, to drink Diet Coke and become slim and shiny, like Swift. Way more so than if you drank from Diet Pepsi's "Skinny Can" from Fashion Week a couple of years back. Sure, this isn't the first time Diet Coke has sold a "Sleek Can," but this one is way better and more totally duplicitous. Plus, it goes perfectly with the brand's slim vending machines.