Deutsch: adsturbation is perfectly normal


“Adsturbation” sounds like the name of a new advertising blog, but in fact it’s Deutsch’s theme for Advertising Week this year. An ad from the agency in the Advertising Week 2007 official guide sends you to the Adsturbation Web site (a bottle of lotion dispenses as the page loads), where you’re invited to enjoy “some hot self-congratulatory action. Get comfortable, turn out the lights and start adsturbating.” The actual “action” involves getting little complimentary sound bites from four stereotypical colleagues. Most of the other agency ads are pretty run-of-the-mill (as the Ad Aged blog pointed out earlier this week). But a couple are humorous. The TBWA\Chiat\Day ad shows two agency tools high-fiving, and directs you to, which speaks for itself. Then there’s the DraftFCB ad, which includes absolutely no large cats copulating. They take the high road with an image of a double helix of light bulbs and the line, “What is in your DNA?”

—Posted by Tim Nudd