This Designer’s Minimalist Year of the Monkey Poster Looks a Lot Like … Something Else

Now he seems bummed

Minimalist design is great when it works, but sometimes the results can leave themselves wide open for interpretation.

In the case of San Francisco designer Lehu Zhang, a quickly assembled poster idea for the Chinese zodiak's Year of the Monkey (which begins today) ended up looking more than a bit like something more raunchy.

Let's not mince words. It looks like a penis going into a butt. And, I don't know, maybe shaking a bit side to side?

"I decided to just use some basic shapes to create a monkey face," he told BuzzFeed News. "That was my intention. I was playing around with shapes and this thing just came up."

Yeah it did.

He said he's "a little bit surprised, a little bit worried" by the response the poster's received as it quickly circulated social media.