Designer Makes Beautiful Hand-Lettered Versions of Famous Logos

Sara Marshall's 'Brand by Hand' project

Sara Marshall's "Brand by Hand" lettering project transforms the logos of familiar brands into stylish calligraphy. The aim of the project, according to Marshall, is to reacquaint "the cold corporate world" with the "hand-treated and flowery nature of hand lettering."

"Brand by Hand" takes on Subway, FedEx, YouTube, Evian, Skype, Coca-Cola and a handful of other logos, keeping their colors and general layout intact, illustrating that even the most straightforward, risk-averse logos can be made pretty with a little effort. It's a nice companion project to the Seb Lester videos we posted earlier.

One quibble: Every project like this does Coke's logo. It's like Pepsi doesn't even exist.

More images below. Via Design Taxi.