Design the official T-shirt for Cannes 2009

Uniqlo, the Japanese apparel company that swept the advertising award shows this year with its entertaining blog widget, is teaming up with the Cannes International Advertising Festival for a contest to select the official T-shirt of next year's festival. The company, which won Grand Prix honors in both Titanium and Cyber, is inviting people to submit designs for review by the 2009 judges. The design, of course, must be original and include a lion, the symbol of the festival. While only one design will honored as the "official T-shirt" of the event, 10 entries will be sold as T-shirts next summer in Uniqlo stores. Past festival T-shirts usually only got worn out of necessity (lost luggage and blazing heat topping that list). Maybe these will actually make their way back home with the attendees.

—Posted by Eleftheria Parpis