Denver mall sells whatever it can this year

Who says the holidays are overcommercialized? Cultivator Advertising & Design's "Yuletide Project" for Cherry Creek North, a shopping district in Denver, goes against the grain with banners, buttons, postcards and signs espousing low-cost gift ideas such as: "Write a holiday greeting on a snow-covered car window," "Stick a holiday bow on someone's back" and "Carol with a stranger." Apparently, Cherry Creek North is giving up on profits entirely this year. And by the way: Whoever's been leaving "messages" on my Accord in the AdFreak parking lot had better cut it out. Hey! How'd this bow get taped to my backside? I bet it's that snippy Carol from accounting. If I draw her name in the office Secret Santa, she is so getting that '80s hair-band mix CD I've been dying to unload.

—Posted by David Gianatasio