Denny’s extending the lifespan of its food

Another day, another Denny’s initiative that mixes audacity and lack of creativity in a sauce as thick and gooey as any food metaphor I could cook up. This time, Denny’s has launched B-FST 2G0 (that’s youngster-friendly text-speak for “breakfast to go”), featuring the “Denny’s Dome,” a contraption designed to keep take-out food fresh. “Breakfasts that wilt on the drive home, no more!” crows the release. This would appear to be an effort to get some promotional mileage out of … plastic packaging. Oh, Arby’s, why didn’t you think of it first? This supports my theory that Denny’s will try any strategy in the hope that something gains traction: rock ’n roll campaigns, presidential look-alike contests, domed containers—it’s all good! But it does beg a question: How was Denny’s packaging its take-out food previously? Was it spooning scrambled eggs and ladling syrup directly into customers’ hands?

—Posted by David Gianatasio