Davies blogs Account Planning Conference

Russell Davies (shown here), global consumer planning director at Nike, formerly of Wieden + Kennedy, is currently blogging the Account Planning Conference going on in Chicago. Early in the week, he wrote, “I hope everyone’s good because I’m not sure I’ll bring myself to say anything bad.” He hasn’t held back all criticism, though. In fact, while he’s enjoyed bits and pieces of the presentations, he says Mark Earls (of Ogilvy & Mather) and Malcolm Gladwell have been the only “significantly good” speakers. Of Earls’ speech, he writes: “He reminded me of one of the most hateful dynamics of client/agency life—the way that almost every meeting you have is about selling something. No wonder trusts breaks down. He suggested, quite rightly, that maybe some of those meetings should be about co-creation—the joint creation of something new, rather than just a transactional thing to do with selling and approval.”

—Posted by Tim Nudd