Damaris lingerie is brilliant housework attire

Justin Anderson’s new NSFW short film for U.K. lingerie brand Damaris (posted below) shows a leggy blonde cleaning her home in a range of sexy, frilly whatnots. Think Anderson wants to give a playful (mostly rear-)view of the garments in a setting average folks can relate to? Think again! This is an “art” project, so we get the tired male fantasy of an über-domestic, depersonalized subject with a way-above-average physique toiling for our voyeuristic pleasure—and stopping now and then to stick her head in a laundry basket or under a carpet. The shot of her holding an iron in front of her face underscores the objectification. The futuro-ambient music offends. Plus, who’d wear fancy, expensive underwear to do chores? In fact, the house looks spotless to begin with. Why the hell is she cleaning!? Hey, Anderson, you’ll alienate your female target audience, you ass! (Having said that, I’m happy to review any unused footage or director’s cut you might have. God, I’m cheeky!)

—Posted by David Gianatasio