Is This the Cutest Interactive Website Ever, or the Creepiest?

Playing peekaboo with Bonpoint's child models

Bonpoint, the luxury French fashion house for children, wants you to play peekaboo with its child models.

Fred & Farid Shanghai produced an interactive website for the brand, which asks for access to your webcam and microphone. Adorable children in expensive clothing stare at you while you cover your eyes, uncover them, and shout peekaboo. The adorable children then laugh.

The agency calls it "maybe the cutest interactive website ever," but I found it super uncomfortable. I took one for the team, tried it out, and had to adjust my screen so the children were "staring" at my ceiling and not at my face. On the plus side, you get to admire their clothing and then click on a link to buy the whole outfit (for $200).

The kids are adorable, and the clothing is beautiful, but something about it—maybe it's the green light suggesting that you're being recorded—feels a little bit like I'm starring in an M. Night Shyamalan film.