Currency copulates in racy German bank ad

Bontrust Bank in Germany takes the idea of multiplying your money to its immodest conclusion in this delightfully NSFW commercial in which Abe Lincoln (of $5-bill fame) bangs German pianist Clara Schumann (who graces the 100 DM note) Queen Elizabeth II (who's on various English banknotes). The agency behind the spot is Grabarz and Partner, and Optix Digital provided the animation. To learn about how the spot was made, head over here. It starts out sweet enough, with Lincoln and Clara falling in love. But at :39, Abe unleashes the Lincoln log, and the viewer is "treated" to some hard-core monetary multiplication. After a short time cut, we see Clara pushing four small children in a buggy. They look just like their parents! How bucolic and motherly! A second later, the skank hits on Chairman Mao. Ouch! My guess is the current recession made it impossible for Abe to provide for his children, so Clara did the only thing she could and sold herself to the highest bidder. The moral of the story? When times are tough, Bontrust is the best pimp for your money.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers