Cuckolded by an alien? Quit smoking weed.

Slate’s Seth Stevenson does yeoman’s work today analyzing those crudely animated Above the Influence spots. (You know, the one where an alien steals a toker’s girlfriend, and the ones featuring the stoner’s buzz-kill dog. We wrote about them once before.) Stevenson rightly notes that many PSAs err by showing extreme acts of pot-fueled disaster, while these take an admirably low-key approach. I’d stop short of echoing Stevenson’s claim that the UFO spot is “the best anti-pot ad ever”—maybe it just lacks the cultural cachet of A.C. Slater—but I think Wieden + Kennedy’s team deserves credit for creating a quirky yet bleak campaign that does a good job harshing your mellow. On a side note, I’d happily buy my wife some weed if it meant I might get abducted by certain aliens.

—Posted by David Griner