Crossing the planet in the name of beer

While Australia’s Bundy Rum is claiming to lure customers en
masse from England
, a New Zealand brewery is taking an opposite approach that’s
considerably more impressive. Speight’s is transporting a working pub all the
way from its hometown of Dunedin to London, a project called The Great Beer Delivery. Why are they doing this? Because one native New
wrote the company to say how much he and other ex-pats in London
missed Speight’s brew. A more cynical blogger might say the company was also
motivated by the hefty PR value of the stunt. But man, what a stunt! Navigating
a cargo vessel across the entire planet and crossing the Caribbean during
hurricane season? At least they’re living up to the tough-guy image their ads
have boasted
. The crew expects to be in New York on Sept. 14, in case you want
to drop in to see the pub. Just don’t ask if they carry Boddingtons. Via Gadling.

—Posted by
David Griner