Credit Karma Gets Kooky Again With Its Latest Cracked Campaign

An ear-hair combover, putrid potluck and unsexy drones

Not a great look. Credit Karma

These days, you can bank on Credit Karma to deposit the funny.

Back in July, a kooky cat lady and wind-chime-obsessed doofus appeared in ads that explored how using Credit Karma to improve your scores can help you get a new place and escape annoying roommates and neighbors.

Now, the brand returns with similarly silly scenarios that show how it de-stresses the credit card application process. Each spot focuses, in farcical fashion, an event where the odds don’t favor a happy outcome. In the end, we’re assured that the chances of approval for some fantastic plastic are much better, thanks to the tools provided by Credit Karma.

For example, what are the chances that a middle-aged, married couple will ever have sex again now that their late-night bedroom obsessions center on solitary immersion in tablets, virtual reality and decidedly unsexy drones?

Next, we’re treated to an ear-hair combover, reminding us that online meds tend not to work as promised:

Yeah, I used the word “treated” kind of loosely back there.

As for the odds of a 50-something businessman-type with a dad bod dominating the skate park like a teenager, well, this guy should’ve left his board (and slang) back at home:

YOLO says it all, dude — you’ve used up your one life!

Funworks developed “Know Your Odds” as a follow-up to its “Max Your Tax Karma” work for the client that ran during the Super Bowl.

“When we conceptualized the campaign, we realized that there are all of these negative emotions that come with credit cards – not necessarily with spending, but with approvals,” says agency creative chief Craig Mangan. “When you get denied for a credit card, it makes you feel down. We really latched onto that emotional truth and focused on the idea that if Credit Karma can help people know their odds of being approved for a credit card, they’ll feel better about themselves.”

But wait, there’s more! Behold, the unluckiest potluck ever, and a Kafka-esque take on reincarnation:

That last one was a case of bad karma, most likely. (See, he should’ve checked his score.)

Hungry Man director Dave Laden delivers the comic goods throughout, crafting punchy ads with playfully potent payoffs.

“We understand managing your finances can be confusing. With this campaign, we hope to break down the barriers associated with applying for financial products and show consumers what’s possible — in this case, with a little humor,” says Dana Marineau, Credit Karma vice president of brand, creative and communications. “‘Know Your Odds’ is our next step in demonstrating the value we provide to our members, beyond free credit scores.”


Client: Credit Karma
Campaign: Know Your Odds

Vice President, Brand, Creative and Communications: Dana Marineau
Creative Director: Rus Chao
Creative Strategist: Kaitlyn Tierney

Agency: Funworks
CEO: Paul Charney
CCO: Craig Mangan
Creative Directors: Quentin Shuldiner, Roz Romney
Senior Producer: Felicia Glover
Head of Strategy: Kenny White
Senior Creative Strategist: Alison Michael
Creative Strategist: Ray Hobbs

Prod Co: Hungry Man
Director: Dave Laden
DOP: Oscar Almengol
Producer: Caleb Dewart

Editorial: The Cabinet
Editor: Doug Cox
Producer: Jim Vaughn

VFX Studio: The Mill
VFX Artist: Steve Cokonis, Michael Comly
Producer: Marcus Speaker

Color: The Mill
Colorist: Adam Scott

Music & Sound: One Union Recording Studio

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