Creative chief lobs new book into the crowd

Steffan PostaerWho needs publishers when you have Twitter followers? Euro RSCG Chicago Chairman/Chief Creative Officer Steffan Postaer is putting a twist on the crowdsourcing
by publishing his third novel, Sweet by Design, in an unusual
fashion. First, he’s releasing chapters online via a blog. He’s also asking the crowd to
submit entries for possible cover art. Sure, Bob Garfield did that a year ago with The Chaos Scenario, but this time, the winner gets an iPad. The crowd is
also expected to take up the marketing cause via social networks. In case you’re wondering, the novel is described by Postaer as a “romantic comedy” about an
HIV-positive interior designer who sets out on an
unlikely road trip.
Postaer says his approach to promoting the book is an attempt to learn more about crowdsourcing while also doing an end-run
around a publishing industry hardly clamoring to release quirky fiction from
relatively unknown authors.