Crazy Youngsters Break Out in a Worldwide Dance Party for Pitch Perfect 2

Fan service with a social edge

Never underestimate the promotional power of feel-good fan service.

More than 100 fans were featured out of a whopping 1,500 total submissions for this Pitch Perfect 2 promo. Together they created a worldwide dance party as the premiere for Ester Dean's song "Crazy Youngsters," an original song that appears in the movie.

The video also functions as a fun game of Spot the Social Media Celebrity, pairing YouTube stars alongside cast members, and Vine stars alongside DJs. All told, more than 20 influencers are in the video. See if you can spot DJ Flula, Brittany Snow, Anna Camp, the Gregory Brothers, Sami Slimani, Lana McKissack, Carly Cristman, the Wassabi Brothers, Gabrial Valenciano, Will Pecarro, Kyle Hatch, Jamie Pine, MikeJerry and Vine stars Princess Lauren and AmyMarie.

The nearly four-minute music video was created by Portal A. It's a lot of good, clean fun for a sequel whose inciting incident is flashing Rebel Wilson's vagina at the president of the United States.


Client: Universal Pictures

Created by Portal A

Director: Kai Hasson

Executive Producers: Zach Blume, Kai Hasson, Nate Houghteling

Producers: Jacob Motz

Associate Producer: Jenny Leaf

Project Manager: Kalli Sandberg

Editor: Arturo Morales

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