Couple get boat edited out of McDonald’s ad


A British husband and wife have gotten McDonald's to remove footage of their distinctive-looking sailing dory, called the Badger, from a TV ad — but only after badgering the ad agency, Leo Burnett, and others. The boat appears in the original spot below, which credits England's crappy weather for producing great homegrown food products. But Gloria and Alan Parsons weren't happy about its cameo. "We are not fond of fast food, and the Badger has a beautiful galley where we cook everything from scratch. We even make our own bread," says Gloria. "Lots of people were very excited to see the Badger on screen, but we weren't. She is very precious and very special to us, and we felt upset that this large corporation would just ride roughshod over our feelings. … It is our efforts and time and hard work that have made her look as good as she does, and we didn't want all that to be used to advertise their product. It didn't seem fair." The couple got no response from Burnett, but managed to contact McDonald's through a radio station. McDonald's has since apologized and said the spot, currently off the air, will be edited—to strip out the boat—for its return in December.