Corona Light Can Freshen Up Your Online Life, Too

Extends TV spots with 'Rut Buster!' app

Are you stuck in a rut? "Stan" and "Mark," the stars of Goodby, Silverstein & Partners' humorous ads for Corona Light, sure are. The beer, naturally, is pitched as the antidote—a dose of the unexpected to enliven their humdrum existences. Now, the agency has launched a follow-up in the form of a "Rut Buster!" Facebook app that lets you make and share customized video montages to encourage your friends to bust out of such monotonous routines. Recipients receive alerts on their walls and can opt to "bust their rut" by viewing the videos, then create responses or "bust out" other friends on their network. I tried it out, but quickly became overwhelmed by the broader irony of being stuck in a rut by spending too much time connected to the Internet and social media. I realized that participating in "Rut Buster!"—harmless, brand-building fun, to be sure—would just perpetuate my cyber-rut and fuel the online addiction of anyone to whom I sent videos. So, I think I'll take a walk instead. Get some sun and fresh air. Just as soon as I find my iPhone.

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