Cook/artist beats power-tool survivor

The results of the Dodge Dakota Ultimate Guy contest are in, and in something of an upset, the guy who cooks, does household chores and has even been known to paint a picture or two has beaten the guy who drove a power drill through his forearm. Yes, David Neumann, an engineer from Valley Mills, Texas, has been named the Ultimate Guy, earning himself a 2005 Dodge Dakota ST and a trip for four to a local sporting event of his choice. Meanwhile, Chris MacIntosh, a lumber salesman from Fenton, Mich., is left to ponder what might have been. His wife Amy nominated him for the contest after the drill accident last summer, which MacIntosh handled by coolly putting the power tool in reverse, pulling it out of his forearm, bandaging the wound and going back to building a backyard deck, or so they say. “He’s still my ultimate guy,” says Amy.

—Posted by Tim Nudd