Concord Grapes Become Chatty Sitcom Characters in Welch’s New Campaign

Message of heart health

Is the time ripe for a sitcom starring a bunch of grapes?

The VIA Agency's new campaign for Welch's mimics/spoofs the prime-time sitcom format to deliver the message that grape juice has heart health benefits, just like wine. These aren't animated pieces of fruit or actors in purple costumes. They're real Concord grapes, just hangin' on the vine, making with the breezy, brand-centric banter.

According to VIA, the "Just Hangin' " idea "opens up huge possibilities for the development of episodic video content across our digital and social channels, and allows the brand to react and produce content quickly to maintain relevance with current events. We are essentially giving each grape a personality and a voice."

Lead grapes Tina, Phil and Merlot (he's French) are appealing, and the theme song's pretty fresh. Given the sorry state of network TV, these grapes just might get picked up. Hopefully the fickle public won't sour on the concept.

This first spot breaks nationwide later this week. Welch's and VIA will continue the development of the grape characters in TV and digital into next year. Welch's previous ads featured food historian and Food Network star Alton Brown.

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