Commerce Bank ads jeered by its own spokesman

You’re not the only one displeased by the new Commerce Bank ads. Regis Philbin this morning complained on Live that the spot made him seem like a doofus led around on a leash by perkilicious Kelly Ripa. “If I had known that’s the way it was going to look—no deal, baby!” Regis crabbed on this morning’s show. In her defense, Ripa noted that she didn’t write the script or direct the spot (although according to a Philadelphia Magazine article, which calls the spots “those Kelly Ripa ads you can’t escape,” she did do them for free). And in the defense of the poor Tierney Communications copywriter who has the spots on his reel, Reeg plays the doddering old bumbler even on his own show.

—Posted by Deanna Zammit

Photo: Fashion Wire Daily/Grant Lamos IV

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