Colorado unleashes packs of smoky beasts

Cactus's work for Colorado's State Tobacco Education & Prevention Partnership (STEPP) filters (ha!) your standard scary warnings about second-hand smoke through a Hitchcock/X-Files/CGI fantasy lens, producing PSAs with considerable visual élan. Yes, I just wanted to use the word élan. Still, it fits: The are cool, moody and compelling, with smoke morphing into ravens (above) and dragons (below) that plague the family car and home. And that may be the problem: The spots are too appealing. They take a smooth, light-menthol approach, as opposed to, say, American Legacy's super-high-tar "We're all gonna die!" tactics. The images may be too glamorous (despite their dark design) to really demonize such a supposedly dirty habit. Also, will smokers respond well to being told to step outside their own homes when lighting up? And will drivers remember to pull over before stepping out of their cars to smoke? Let's hope so. With their brains clouded by nicotine and the tobacco monkey riding their backs, you never know.

—Posted by David Gianatasio