Cogs in the global schema of consumption

Full disclosure: I graduated from Boston University. (Getting that in makes me feel all journalistic.) Anyway, my alma mater is hosting a photography exhibition called “Ad | Agency.” Its purpose: “To showcase photo-based work that mimics or mines advertising—ads, products, stores and processes—and addresses issues of consumerism.” Pretty high-minded from a school that doesn’t even have a football team. Here’s more: “The work investigates the life of, and power behind, the objects, signs and symbols that are marketed to us and the cycle of consumption—from branding to purchase and beyond.” I followed that about as well as I did sophomore-year art history. Doric temples? That’s all Greek to me. See, sophomoric. All of which leads me to what I really wanted to say: B.U. Terriers all the way in Beanpot ’08! Woohooo! (And no, I won’t contribute money, so stop calling me at home.)

—Posted by David Gianatasio