Club cracks down on the ‘Jersey Shore’ look

A little club named Republic in New Orleans is getting national attention for dissing the duds of Jersey Shore. An ad for the club's new dress code — "If it's on the Jersey Shore, it's not coming through the door" — was recently shared on Twitpic, where it helped fuel an ongoing national backlash against the MTV reality show's often tasteless content, costumes and depiction of Italian Americans. The ad, which specifically prohibits clothing brands Affliction, Ed Hardy and Christian Audigier, has already gotten Republic a mention on NPR, a win on Fail Blog, and a Huffington Post writeup. Nick Thomas, director of programming for Republic, says it's not only about the clothing, but also about the people wearing it: "If a big beefy guy, over-worked-out with way too much hair gel is copping an attitude at the door or anything within that realm, he's not getting through." However, he did have a note of optimism for Snooki, the show's star "Shorelette." Thomas said he'd let her in if she "has a life-changing event and starts dressing like a normal human being."

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers