Clothing Brand Helps You Love the One You're Not With

Moosejaw creates permission slips for affairs this Valentine's Day

If your idea of a great Valentine's Day gift is passionate sex with someone other than the person you're actually dating, then Moosejaw Mountaineering has got your back. The quirky clothing retailer has created a permission slip (link goes to a PDF) that asks your loved one to officially endorse your fling with someone else. The form, offered up today to Facebook fans, begins with a description of how nature's notoriously promiscuous bonobo apes use sex to alleviate social conflict. "With that beautiful spirit in mind," the form says, "I'd like to ask you something." Applicants can request permission to "snuggle," "French," or "fully do it" with a person "you know that I've always loved." It's quite a touching gesture, one that harkens back to the brand's previous attempt at relationship support: "The Moosejaw Breakup Service." They also created an X-ray specs app that helps you view Moosejaw catalog models in their underwear. Obviously, Moosejaw's marketing research has found there's intrinsic value in keeping its customers unattached and oversexed.