Clinton Likens Trump to Scut Farkus and Other Memorable Hollywood Bullies in Latest Attack Ad

Is Donald the Biff Tannen of 2016?

Scut Farkus. Biff Tannen. "Sweep the Leg" Johnny Lawrence. Donald Trump? 

Hillary Clinton has often called her Republican opponent a bully, especially when it comes to how he describes women and his critics. But now her campaign has used the theme for a retro-fueled ad likening Trump to Hollywood's most memorable and malicious loudmouths. 

In the ad, which debuted Monday morning, we see some of Trump's quotes alongside lines from A Christmas Story's Scut, Back to the Future's Biff, Karate Kid's Johnny, the mean girls from Mean Girls and even that one basketball guy from Teen Wolf.

And for gender diversity, we also see Nurse Ratched from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest:

Of course, at this point in the campaign cycle, this kind of ad is just fuel for the daily donnybrook of Clinton and Trump supporters in social media. Responses have included the usual range of commentary, from supportive #ImWithHer tweets to a litany of accusations that Clinton herself is the worse bully. 

So, while it almost certainly won't change your mind, at least it's nice to see a change of pace from the usual political fisticuffs of this campaign season.