Church’s ‘Come Get Hammered’ Billboard Leaves Locals Woozy

Follows earlier 'Scumbags welcome' ad

Florida's SNL Church (no relation to the show) put up a billboard on Highway 441 that says "Come get hammered," next to a photo of a wine cup. Some residents in the area are upset, but this isn't some kind of Lord-Buckley-esque hipster prank. Pastor Moses Robbins says he's being genuine and just wants to teach the word of God, and claims that the headline is rooted in Jeremiah 23:29, paraphrased as, "Isn't my word like a hammer that breaks up the rock?" Not since Insane Clown Posse bitched about magnets has a religious message been conveyed so poorly. The church's previous billboard, with the headline "Scumbags welcome," made more sense, given the chronic unemployables Jesus hung around.