A church that wants you to have great sex

Is your sex life less than it could be? Are you open to discussing it with total strangers? Can you weather invasive questioning by people who may come off like cultists? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then visit MyCrappySexLife.com, which believe it or not is run by the Next Level Church in Fort Myers, Fla. Yes, the church’s billboards are upsetting to some people, but hey, this is a hip, culturally relevant church that claims “God wants you to have GREAT SEX.” Surely you can learn something from the NLC’s “six-week message series dealing with Relationships.” Pornography is one of the discussion topics, along with “Sex … God’s Way.” Ordinarily I wouldn’t hold out much hope for projects like this, but I’m sure they’ll be employing the services of a cool youth deacon to “rap” with the parishioners. That should make a world of difference.

—Posted by David Kiefaber