Christians tired of immoral GoDaddy spots

Wired has the scoop on an aggravated Christian Internet entrepreneur who has moved 60 of his Christian clients off GoDaddy's Web-hosting services when they complained about the immoral nature of the company's latest Super Bowl spots. I thought it was just gay sex that bothered the Christian coalition, but to my surprise, it appears they are not too fond of the heterosexual variety, either! According to the entrepreneur, Brian Harrell, "that kind of content is not going to fly in the Christian community." He intends to expand his campaign to make GoDaddy change its ways. I've had female friends say they'll never use GoDaddy because of sexist advertising. But as Wired points out, GoDaddy did see a 110 percent jump in orders over the past few days. I doubt Harrell's 60 customers are really going to rain on GoDaddy's parade of jiggling breasts. Of course, are we sure that sales increase was really a victory? Who knows, orders might have increased by 210 percent with a less titty-oriented spot.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers