CHP pulls over the Geek Squad

Geeksquad2_1The California Highway Patrol has been busy this summer. In addition to its usual serving and protecting, the CHP has had to deal with a state-canvassing convoy of law-enforcement imposters—hooligans posing as tech-savvy Best Buy brand ambassadors. Known as the “Geek Squad,” the round-the-clock computer-support team comprises men and women who not only flash badges and maintain suspicious Erik-Estrada-circa-1977 hairdos but zoom around in vehicles that bear an uncanny resemblance to patrol cars. There has yet to be an official report of anyone mistaking one of the black-and-white Beetles for a California Highway Patrol cruiser, but it could happen, says CHP spokesman Mike Herman. Quoted in today’s Santa Rosa Press Democrat, Herman says that to “a youngster or an oldster or someone driving at night, those cars would resemble police vehicles.” Imagine if they started pulling folks over and forcibly explaining the best way to remove the Zotob virus from a PC. To alleviate further confusion, Best Buy has promised to repaint 150 of its Geek Squad mobiles. Just a little reminder, you guys: Coca-Cola red, yellow-cab canary and UPS brown? Already taken.

—Posted by Randi Schmelzer