Chicago Agencies Teaching Kids Creativity Through Cardboard

Toy store extends idea of museum exhibit

The Chicago Children's Museum has an exhibit called "Unboxed: Adventures in Cardboard," inviting children to "discover the limitless potential of this deceptively simple material." To advertise it, Energy BBDO and Xi (formerly Proximity Chicago) have created Mister Imagine's Toy Store, a one-week-only pop-up storefront that sells cardboard boxes. Children can select a box (a donation is requested) and then head to the art room to create their own unique creation. If kids are having trouble figuring out what to make, they can step up to an augmented reality station and see options appear on their box, ask a handy art facilitator on staff, or simply look around at the stunning artworks that make up the decor. Once the kids complete their toys, they can record them for posterity in the photo booth. All in all, it's a great example of thinking inside the box—and a tribute to the Caine Monroy style of DIY creativity. The store is open through this Sunday. More images here.