Chevy Dropping Its New Sonic Vehicle From Great Heights

Stunts plug strange giveaway game

As game-ification grips the car-promotion world, simple giveaways have transformed into real-world journeys and entire online communities. Chevrolet and Goodby, Silverstein & Partners have come up with various fun and games to launch the new Sonic, the car "that's up for anything," under the theme "Let's do this." The brand wants you to prove that you're up for anything by performing little tasks (like baking a cake of yourself and eating it), submitting evidence of your feats (pics, or it didn't happen) and earning badges, Foursquare style. There's also a little game where people can vote on who did the badge best, and the largest number of votes gets extra points. Whoever gets the most points wins a Sonic, obvs. And some random person gets one, too. They're kicking the whole thing off with some stunts—launching one Chevy Sonic off a "ridiculously high platform" (with help from Syyn Labs) and dropping another one from an airplane. So, let's do this. Head over and click on the little hand to push that Chevy over the edge. C'mon do it! Unless you work for Micheal Bay or are the Hulk, you'll never get another chance to help throw a car off a building. UPDATE: Also check out the Chevy Sonic Adventure, a scavenger-hunt type game set to take place in 27 cities across America.