Chengwin, newly married, is an inspiration to animal-suit wearers everywhere

It sucks to dress up in an animal costume in public. If that’s your lot in life, take solace from Matthew Patrick Murphy, who is proud enough about prancing around New York as a deformed hybrid chicken/penguin that he mentioned it in his New York Times wedding announcement on Sunday. “Mr. Murphy, 29, is a freelance art director at advertising agencies in Manhattan,” the listing reads. “He is also a street performer known as Chengwin, for which he dons a half chicken, half penguin outfit. He graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design.” What’s the difference between Chengwin and your average guy in a chicken suit handing out fliers? Not much, aside from the fliers. There may be a fine line between hack and cult hero after all. (Chengwin’s bride, Kelly Jennifer Schoeffel, is a strategic planner at Anomaly. Her bio mentions nothing about animal suits.) Via Gawker.

—Posted by Tim Nudd