Check Out This YouTuber Making Some Insane Trick Shots With Oreo Cookies

Peter Bamforth's tasty skills

Showing crazy trick shots is a pretty good way of getting viral video views, as we've seen in branded efforts from Wheaties (bowling), McDonald's (soccer)—and of course, that old, fake-as-hell Michael Jordan and Larry Bird ad "Nothing but Net."

Now there's a new kid in town, Peter Bamforth—a YouTuber who makes "videos about anything and everything." But he's particularly adept at trick shots. His "EPIC Ping Pong Trick Shots" video from 2011 got 300,000 views.

And now, he's returned with more trick shots—starring Oreo cookies.

It's a pretty impressive feat, not only because of the level of inventiveness in materials, but also for the patience this kid must have. Check it out below.

Bamforth tweeted his creation at Oreo, which congratulated him—and then linked to one of its own trick-shot Vines from 2013.