This Charming Behind-the-Scenes Look at the New Star Wars Is Sure to Make You Smile

Comic-Con clip shows the film's loving attention to detail

"Everything's changed, but nothing's changed." With this perfect summary, Mark Hamill introduces the new short film going behind the scenes of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

For longtime fans who've remained skeptical of the upcoming sequel, the clip will likely do exactly what it was intended to do: reinvigorate their passion and childlike enthusiasm for the series. The video debuted Friday at San Diego Comic-Con, where some attendees were likely hoping for a new trailer but instead were treated to something even more fulfilling.

Most of the focus is on the film's practical effects and meticulously constructed set pieces, with which J.J. Abrams brings a tactile realism to the film in a way that George Lucas' 1990s prequels were noticeably lacking.

After checking out the clip, you're sure to wish you could run out and watch the movie tomorrow, but you'll also probably wish you could have been there on set to be part of something that was clearly special for everyone involved.