Charles Gibson doesn’t like adult-diaper ads

Think of it as a form of multitasking: disparaging your audience and your advertisers at the same time. Sounds like that’s what ABC World News Tonight anchor Charles Gibson was doing in an interview with Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Gail Shister. (Hat tip to Poynter Online for the link below.) “If networks are serious about luring pre-Social Security eyeballs, they should replace commercials for adult diapers, dentures and ‘patent medicines’ with spots for younger, sexier products, in Gibson’s view,” the story says. The paper quotes Gibson as saying: “The current commercials ‘bespeak an older audience.’” He’d rather see automotive spots on the broadcast. “When you put on ads mostly for medicines, you’re saying ‘We want an older audience.’ I would like ads that say ‘We have a younger audience here.’ ” It’s not quite clear why advertisers would pay to target the audience the newscast wants rather than the audience it actually has. But if Gibson is correct in suggesting that older-skewing commercials scare away younger viewers, maybe it’d be worth the broadcast networks’ while to offer deep discounts to younger-skewing advertisers. (Photo: ABC)

—Posted by Mark Dolliver